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Review: See Kai Run Shoes

If you ask A, I'm a little shoe obsessed. Trust me though, it is only good shoes. Unfortunately, I seem to be working on passing down the obsession. Again though, only cute and good for your feet shoes.

M spent all of her early days with a pair of Robeez on. It became clear very early on that she loved to take off her socks, and since well, we live in Minnesota, that isn't the best idea. My mom may have sewed me leather moccasins, but I could resist the Robeez.

When she started to walk, we realized we needed something with soles for her. Robeez were great, but they don't meet requirements from daycare for her to go outside. We looked and looked and found a great pair of See Kai Run sandals, but they were a little small (and the next size was big enough that as a beginning walker, she couldn't manage), so we settled on something else. Part of the trouble was that many of the early walker softer shoes were already too small for our large footed late walker, and I longed for the See Kai Runs to fit her.

Around the same time, I entered a great contest at Mom Most Traveled. It was for a pair of See Kai Runs. Of course I won, or I wouldn't be writing this. I got the next size up of the Livi, since I knew her feet would grow. A few weeks ago, they finally fit, just in time for the weather to get cooler. Not only did I love their great style, but M loves them too. You can tell that she likes how flexible they are by how she acts when she's wearing them. In fact, we loved them so much that I hunted down an old model (a hot pink sneaker called Karen Ann) for her.

They are holding up great to her wild play, which makes me very happy. I'm already checking out their site trying to figure out what style to get next (I'm holding off because I don't know what the weather will be then). Right now I'm hoping it will be cool enough for a pair of boots, because who doesn't need black boots with pink lightening bolts. (and I want these in my size) The other thing I like is their prices. They are cheaper than other well known kid brands, so I don't mind having a couple pairs in her current size. With feet that change so fast, cost is definitely a factor. With their own website offering discounts on the previous season (and other sites as well, just search), it isn't hard to find a good deal.

My only complaint, in all seriousness, is that other than that dark pink pair I hunted down, their girl's sneakers seem to be a bit light in color. However, that is my issue with just about every pair of girls sneakers. I know kids are tough on their shoes, especially the uppers, when they're crawling/climbing all over everything. I hope the next season of shoes from them offers another darker colored pair of sneaks. In the mean time, I might have to cave for the awesome purple Eliza.


If you make it they will come?

I decided it might not be a bad idea to have a review blog, you know, just in case someone wanted to give me a fancy DSLR camera to review, or maybe some more shoes, because my kid can't have enough shoes.

We shall see, in the mean time I'm going to do write a few reviews of things I really love. Just because I love them, nothing to do with what others are asking me to do. And you know, if you happen to have a DSLR camera that needs reviewing, I'm a long time Canon lover. My first 35mm camera was an old AE-1 Program, and I loved that thing. It made the Powershot A540 I have that much more loved. However, I'd love to try out something more like my sturdy old AE-1. I even have lenses with a standard mount I could use on it...

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